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About Us

EasyPack flexible packaging technology is the latest innovation from Digital Labels, part of the Millennium Digital Group. Founded in 1997, the Millennium Digital Group was the first digital printing house in Israel and among the pioneers of this trailblazing new technology worldwide. Today, as one of the leading names in the Israeli printing industry, the Group continues to spearhead the digital revolution through three specialist divisions, each serving diverse customer needs:

  • Digital Labels – labels and packaging solutions
  • Millennium – commercial printing services
  • Picabook – online photo book production

Innovative and dynamic, Digital Labels builds on the proud heritage and extensive experience of our parent company as we continually pursue the next technological breakthroughs and explore promising new market niches.

By acquiring and developing next-generation printing technologies and materials, we are able to offer unparalleled turnaround times that exceed every expectation. EasyPack's supreme quality, efficiency, and delivery times are the key to customers unlocking a wider variety of marketing and operational options, including enhanced profitability and stronger market positioning.

EasyPack Technology


As customers continually seek faster, more efficient, and higher quality packaging solutions, Digital Labels stands at the forefront of the flexible packaging revolution. Our groundbreaking EasyPack technology – the result of investing extensive resources in developing new technologies, materials, and manufacturing processes – is leading the digital production of flexible packaging, at the highest market standards. Serving the full spectrum of global markets and applications, EasyPack can revolutionize your offering overnight, thanks to rapid delivery times, competitive pricing, and full compatibility with your current facilities. There's a reason EasyPack has been officially recognized by the Israeli Innovation Authority as a transformative step forward for the packaging industry.


On average, Digital Labels delivers orders within just 48 hours (following order receipt), compared to the conventional 6-12 weeks. This extraordinary achievement is made possible by a unique ERP system, custom-designed to support our EasyPack technology. Through full, automatic inventory control and management, this ERP system ensures we always have the right materials on hand, enabling thousands of parallel orders to be managed, produced, and supplied to customers with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency. Logistical excellence is a primary focus for us, and we continue to invest considerable resources in this area, with the goal of streamlining processes and shortening supply times still further.


All EasyPack flexible packaging is produced in a sophisticated modern facility that bears international ISO-9001, FSSC, and ISO-22000 certification. Our dedicated QA team regularly inspects all raw materials and production processes to verify full compliance with regulatory requirements. We are committed to upholding the stringent standards of every industry we serve (food, medical, cosmetics, etc.) and utilize premium-grade materials to ensure our customers receive only the highest quality products.


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